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In 2004, he started out as a racer in local races and in 2012 he represented Cambodia in the Asia Cross Country Rally.  


As time went on, his enthusiasm for dirt bikes has carried the business forward. VUT decided to make a business out of his hobby named “Vut Adventure Co.,ltd” dirt bike tour company for the people from others countries and by 2015 hundreds of customers have used his services. 

Over the many years spent on the trails, he eventually started his career as a tour guide for a French company in 2004. 

Unfortunately, because the business was affected by Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, he needed to expand his business and started VMS motorcycle shop and garage using his experiences over many years in the motorbike industry to offer his services to customers in Cambodia.

Since the creation of VMS the business has expanded into many areas.  Now VMS has a new show room full of NEW and Secondhand bikes for sale.  They can even order and import BRAND NEW (or second hand) from the USA and JAPAN.  The shop also includes a huge range of spare parts, a top of the line range of riding gear, helmets, boots, plus many other accessories.

Also providing 1st grade motorbike servicing and upgrades.  VMS team of ‘A’ grade mechanics and motorbike specialists are here to help you get the best out of your machine.  VMS also offers free bike pick up & drop off within Phnom Penh.  

VUT has been a keen motor bike enthusiast from a very young age.  Found out his hobby is dirt bikes during his high school life in 1998. He has made many mistakes throughout that time and often had to learn his lesson the hard way.


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